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What most people fail to realize is that is that the world and all its winding roads really belong to truckers. Forget about night owls and daylight dwellers, a trucker experiences life at every hour of the day. The transportation industry is about so much more than delivering cargo from one location to another. Truckers know this. Every time a trucker climbs behind the wheel, a real journey begins.

A trucker blog, therefore, can be the ultimate Holy Grail — a trucker’s handbook on life, if you will. The fact of the matter is that the transportation industry needs blogs that really put the most important (and entertaining) information out there. The roads most travelled need better descriptions, more interesting tidbits, and a brighter spotlight overall. This is a blog that aims to fulfil all of these duties.

Trucking really is a lifestyle. While some people think of it as a mere job, the truth can be fairly startling. In an average 9 to 5 life, people have the ability to plan ahead — the unexpected is more or less kept at bay. Truck drivers, on the other hand, learn to expect the unexpected. It may sound like a cliché, but it is true nonetheless. Planning, although necessary, may not always pan out the way one hopes. In these cases, a little guidance goes a long way.

Truckers Learn

Learning about the ins and outs of a truck driver’s training is definitely an important part of the trucking industry. Becoming a truck driver is not a decision that can be made overnight. This is a choice that requires a certain amount of forethought. Can you handle the lifestyle of someone who is almost always on the road? Have you considered the various training options? Would you prefer private schooling instead of company-sponsored training? What about your family? These are all questions worth answering before you make any hasty commitments.

Too many truck drivers’ careers crash and burn well before they have had a chance to really get off the ground. Rookie mistakes are relatively thick on the ground. Education and research are key in making the right decisions. A trucking career really is one big learning curve. The industry is constantly changing and evolving to suit the various transportation trends across the globe.

Something many drivers need to acquaint themselves with is the ability to source the right recruiters and figure out the best way to speak to them. Handy hints in blog posts and forums can provide every trucker with the finer details they may not have previously been aware of. In this industry it really is too easy to slip up; so many truckers out there make the same mistakes. Reading up on the matter, and putting yourself in another trucker’s shoes could be your saving grace.

The life of a trucker should never be a grease-and-baseball-cap-filled existence. Learn how to dress appropriately and act with pride from seasoned experts in the industry. Truckers deserve respect. After all, it can be a long hard road to travel alone. Of course, it can be difficult to gain respect if you are unaware of the image you are portraying. Put just a sprinkling of glamor back into the way you face the world; you will be surprised at what the world gives back.

Take the time to read up on the best routes to take during certain times of the year. Experience life through the eyes of other truckers who have spent years figuring out how to deal with road works, bad weather, breakdowns, and repairs. Who knows, you might even gain valuable insight on where to sink your teeth into the perfect order of fries and a giant cup of extra strong coffee on those days where you really need some creature comforts.

Truckers Friend

This blog could be your gateway into a world of valuable information. Read up on the newest developments in the transportation industry, and learn how to use them to your advantage. Figure out how to keep up with your truck maintenance responsibilities by approaching them with patience and knowledge. Or, if you prefer, gain the contact details of reputable companies who will do the proper maintenance for you.

When you find yourself taking a much-needed break from the steering wheel, use the blog as a gateway to trucker forums. These online platforms are surprisingly informative, and filled with the daily rants of people experiencing the same challenges that you face every day. Take the opportunity to ground yourself in a support network that actually “gets” it.

Trucks Themselves

A trucker would be incomplete without sturdy, reliable transportation to see them through those long journeys. Use informative blog posts to learn about the benefits of ownership vs renting a truck. Gain some important information on the companies that sell and rent trucks. Learn what to look for in a truck, and where to find the right one for you.

Spend some time reading up on the age of your truck, and the repairs you should expect in the future. Learn how to do the repairs yourself and where to get your hands on the best spare parts. On the other hand, you could gain valuable information on truck repair companies, how much they should charge, and what kind of service you should expect from them.

Truckers Mindset

Forwarder or truck driver in drivers capSolitude is a major part of every trucker’s existence. For this reason, it is important to adjust your frame of mind in order to stay on track. The insight and advice of seasoned truck drivers is worth so much more than you would ever expect. Learn from the best by reading up on the mental adjustments they have made in order to succeed. Truckers are faced with a long list of challenges when they are on the road. Adjusting the way you view these challenges make the outcome more rewarding in the long run.

Embrace your trucking career and lifestyle by immersing yourself in a world of tips, information, rants, and reviews.

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